AdLib Unlimited

An Award-Winning Full Service Branding, Advertising & Marketing Company Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

2000+ Projects.
In our 35+ years of business, the tools of our trade have changed but our passion and expertise at distilling your core branding message and conveying it remain as current as ever.

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Ruthy Kalatsky
Founder & Creative Director
Nicky Martin
Director of Brand Integration
Faige Selevan
Senior Graphic Designer
Ania Matiishyn
Graphic Designer
Malka Pollack
Senior Web Designer
Chumie Drillick
Director of Content & PR
Luda Stekol
Art Director
Gitty Fromovitz
Digital Marketing Specialist
Faigy Akda
Graphic Designer
Leah Aszknazy
Social Media Assistant
Chava Baila Shorser
Graphic Designer
Riva Obermeister
Social Media
Toby Zonenshein
Graphic Designer
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During these uncertain times, one thing remains certain. AdLib Unlimited is here to guide our clients’ through this COVID era and we continue to deliver the same level of excellence as always.
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