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Excited to give a 2021 facelift to their existing logo – we crafted a streamlined, modern logo reflective of Marquis’ position as the premier provider of progressive quality healthcare and rehabilitation services throughout the Northeast Corridor. This all-encapsulating visual effort packs a wallop, as it embodies the singular aspirations, capabilities and deliverables of its founders and the corporate enterprise.

Marquis offers a signature family approach to healthcare in each of their Rehabilitation Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living and Adult Communities. Our branding intent was to instill a strong sense of warmth, empathy, strength, and clinically sophisticated care across all deliverables from digital and web media to actual print.


Our bold ad campaign actualizes the the rehabilitation patient’s journey from invalid to optimized health – captured with memorable brilliance and wit.

Yes, the right rehab center can make all the difference as hundreds of post-op individuals who are now back home and on their feet can attest!

The leafy Marquis insignia is representative of so much more than just a brand. It is evocative of an entire patient experience built on the foundation of three generations of nursing home expertise that melds integrity, trust, responsibility and innovation.
These core values are what distinguish Marquis from the bevy of other existing healthcare entities, establishing the company as an industry leader at the forefront of Rehabbing Care™.
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