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Healing is derived from the purest and strongest gelatinized Red Algae.


MediTerrain™ relieves the discomfort of skin irritations and arrests further atrophy of the skin.
Backed by demonstrable results, it effectively fights bacteria and viruses, relieving pain and speeding recovery.



Focused Healing Mist
MediTerrain Focused Healing Mist assists in decreasing wound bacterial bioburden and allows healthy tissue to grow in its place.

Rapid Relief Gel


MediTerrain Rapid Relief Gel is our patented, remarkably rich,
all-natural formula that is enriched with sulfated polysaccharides, is paraben free, alcohol-free, dye-free, fragrance-free,
non-irritating, soothing and safe for sensitive skin.



beneath the surface of the skin as its Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral components expedite the healing of the skin immediately upon contact.



  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design & Identity
  • Package Design

Drawing our inspiration from the miraculous untouched full-strength power of gelatinized Red Algae, MediTerrain was created with a singular intention in mind – to deliver the best and most remarkably cost effective all-natural solution for skin/wound sufferers who have been long undeserved and overlooked.

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