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Pantone color 234C
Pantone color 234C
Conquer your Arch-Enemy!
Soxatones grew out of an acute need which became more evident with AdLib's involvement with Healthcare. No one puts more pressure on their feet than nurses, clinicians and the vital support staff in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Hospitals. On their feet most of the time, the burning pressure points and pain of plantar fasciitis and ankle swelling so many experienced, concerned and motivated us.

AdLib sourced and then developed the Soxatones product line; an ideal opportunity to channel our entrepreneurial chops and apply the wide range of abilities of our resident geniuses. AdLib conceived the name of the product, Soxatones – and navigated the legal landmines to assure the integrity and success of the Brand. AdLib developed the distinctive logo, sourced the packaging, conceived the strategic copy, and designed Soxatone's eye-catching and distinctive image.

Developing the commercial for Soxatones was a joyous celebration of creativity, acumen, and medical knowledge. The result was a video that hit all bases and, at the end.
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