Excelsior Care Group LLC

Excelsior Care Group LLC, a premier healthcare management firm that strategically acquires and operates Subacute Rehabilitation centers in the Tri-State area.

Cognizant that the first wave of baby boomers is currently turning 65 years old, now becoming seniors with particular healthcare needs, the Excelsior executives conveyed to the AdLib Brandstorming Team their keen understanding that because people live longer there is a higher responsibility to raise the in the delivery of rehabilitative care so that individuals can also live significantly healthier, better lives.

AdLib Professionals capitalized on Excelsior’s ability to relate to this aging population and helped them reach and connect with this more discerning “Google generation that seeks and finds” by positioning their brand at the vanguard in recognizing the need for clinical excellence, and their everyday commitment to help people live longer – and thrive!

Designing state-of-the-art interactive websites for each of the centers in their expanding portfolio, producing alluring collateral, launching their social media and generating engaging content AdLib captured Excelsior’s Vision to be at the vanguard of patient wellness in a motto that has positioned them at the top of he industry: Proactive Sophisticated Care