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MLA Branding

MLA Properties: A consortium of residential properties in New York City as well as retail properties in North Carolina, Louisiana and Florida. The client reached to the web design masters at ADLib sharing their pride in having nationwide brands of the caliber of UPS, Marshalls, H&R Block and Dunkin Donuts as their tenants – and their sprawling apartment complexes in the most coveted locations in NY City!

The challenge was clear: we needed to capture the value of the properties and the convenience of the locations with images – vibrant, alluring and compelling images that captured the “shopping-traffic value” of each of their shopping centers, and the thriving neighborhoods where an apartment is a coveted commodity.

With honed design skills, and impeccable talent for telling a story with images, “location, location, location” soon became the chorus of their new website – beauty and convenience … the spotlight!

Pair that with a savvy set of search criteria and AdLib’s smart SEO – and voila!

mla_properties_logo_image mla_website_image